Dr Barnardo is great and is recommended wholeheartedly! He actually listens (a very rare trait) and treats his patients with compassion and care. He is courteous and tackles delicate situations with sensitivity and at times a dry sense of humour which helps enormously! I would also like to add that Dr Barnardo NEVER makes you feel stupid if you don't understand something. He will patiently explain over and over if necessary. We have come across other doctors who make you feel like an idiot school child if you don't understand something immediately and treat you as such. There is no such question as a silly question as far as he's concerned. Many doctors forget how overwhelming it can be to not only be ill but also having to see a doctor/s, get bad news and then face ongoing problems, pain and stressful treatments. Nothing is too much trouble for Dr Barnardo.
Patient Carer
Thank you for seeing me so promptly and for the subsequent reassuring test results and report.

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